Sanja Todorovic / Director, BPO Outsourcing and Vendor Management TELUS

Sanja Cancar-Todorovic is a Director – BPO Outsourcing and Vendor Management at TELUS. Over the last 18 years of her career in the telecommunications industry, Sanja had exposure to a number of different roles. Since 2008, she has been leading different Procurement and Vendor Management strategies, from IT Professional, Managed and Infrastructure Services, to Broadcasting Media Content, M2M, Corporate Real-estate, Visual Media, and Mobile Handsets & Accessories.

In her current role Sanja manages the integrated BPO and ITO solutions, with different third-party service providers. She is responsible for Contact Centre Outsourcing, Vendor Management, site strategy, geo-centric resourcing strategy, negotiating full range of commercial contracts, leading operationalization of overall vendor governance and contractual compliance.