Wendy Shlensky / Analyst & Advisor Relations, HGS

Wendy Shlensky has been with HGS for 3+ years as VP of Analyst & Advisor Relations.  She works with both analysts & advisors to bring market insights to HGS colleagues, as well as ensure the analyst & advisor community learn about HGS capabilities.  Wendy volunteers on two IAOP virtual Chapters: CSR and Women Empowerment, as well as Chair of the NYC IIAR Chapter & Co-Chair of the IIAR Sourcing Advisor Relations Virtual Workgroup.

She has worked in Analyst Relations for 14+ years, helping organizations navigate the analyst landscape to improve their position in the market and stay on top of market trends.  Previous to HGS, she ran Infosys’ Global Analyst Relations program as well as started Cognizant’s Analyst Relations program.

She graduated from Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

She lives in New York City, 10 blocks from her 12 and 15-year-old nieces, to whom she is Super Aunt Wendy.  She enjoys exploring art and nature.