St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre
150 King St. West, 27th Floor, Toronto, Canada
About Sourcing Decisions

Sourcing Decisions 2018 is the premiere conference for U.S. and Canadian corporate leaders confronting the ‘here and now’ in global technology services and sourcing. Our central focus in the second annual conference is on the wide-ranging impacts of artificial intelligence and automation, and how companies must get ahead of these trends, or risk lagging behind. We have oriented our conference to deliver real case studies, honest dialogue and practical tools so that leaders can better manage the widespread transformation occurring within procurement, within the enterprise in general, and across the wide spectrum of outsourcing services providers and countries supporting global businesses. Attendees can expect to gain the following benefits:

The right audience

  • Our gathering is designed to deliver value for the senior executives determining the course of sourcing and procurement in the post IT/BPO era.

Key focus on the most disruptive forces

in North America sourcing for technology services – innovations in robotics process automation, artificial intelligence, fintechs and the changing landscape of customer experience tools and solutions.


executive level presentations and panel discussions

Americas orientation

  • Given the strength of partner supporter, Nearshore Americas, our conference provides a ‘pan-American’ perspective on global services and offshoring.

The right venue

  • We continue to hear rave reviews on the St. Andrews Club location (now known as Vantage Venues), since holding our conference there last year – so we’re back again!
Meet Our Expert Speakers

    Director Economic Trends, The Conference Board of Canada
      Chief Information Officer & Vice President at The Greater Toronto Airports Authority
        Director, PwC Canada
          Citi Global Strategic Partnership Program Lead
            Sr. Manager, Digital Banking - Artificial Intelligence/ChatBot, TD Bank
              Director, BPO Outsourcing and Vendor Management TELUS
                Research Vice President, IDC Canada
                  Partner, McKinsey & Co
                    Co-founder and Partner, Nearshore Delivery Solutions
                      Analyst & Advisor Relations, HGS
                        Large/ Complex Outsourcing Advisor
                          Managing Director, R3P Consulting
                            Founder and CEO, ScreenIT
                              Chief Executive Officer, Teleperformance Canada
                                Global Chief Marketing Officer, ibex Holdings & President, ibex CX
                                  Managing director and founder of the Nearshore Americas
                                    • April 10th, 2018
                                      Day 1
                                    • Conference Agenda
                                    8:30 - 9:15 AM
                                    Registration and Exhibition Networking

                                    9:15 AM – 10 AM
                                    Keynote: Where is RPA Taking Us, and Who Will be Along for the Ride?

                                    The central question around the disruptions triggered by Robotics Process Automation is: What are the implications for me, my company, and the overall future of work? We will unpack this question, and other vital insights, by breaking common myths and pinpointing the progressive impacts RPA will have in larger organizations. We’ll hear from Guy Kirkwood, chief evangelist from one of the world’s leading RPA innovators, UiPATH, headquartered in New York City.  

                                    • KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Guy Kirkwood,Chief Evangelist, UiPath

                                    10AM – 10:30 AM
                                    What are the “Trickle Up” Impacts of Rising Wages in Canada?

                                    The fallout from a rising minimum wage in Ontario and other parts of Canada, is creating a ripple effect that is actually starting to impact professional-class employment. Meanwhile, the Greater Toronto Area continues to see the cost of living rise and also a technology sector that is booming. What will be the likely outcomes of these various forces, and what does it mean for Canada's engagement in leveraging a globalized workforce?

                                    • Micheal Burt: Director, Economic Trends, The Conference Board of Canada

                                    10:30 AM – 10:50 AM
                                    Exhibition and Networking

                                    10:50 AM– 11:35 AM
                                    Automating the Enterprise: What’s Working, What’s Not and Why

                                    We have all heard plenty about the broad-reaching impacts of artificial intelligence and automation, however, what is far less clear is how enterprise IT and sourcing leaders are setting priorities, meeting risk and security requirements and actually measuring the tangible outcomes of next-generation analytics and process-driven solutions. We will analyze each of the components by framing the discussion around real experiences, actual case examples and lessons learned.

                                    • Brian Yee, Large/Complex Outsourcing Advisor
                                    • Ryan De Borger, Citi Global Strategic Partnership Program Lead
                                    • Jason Bremer Research Vice President, IDC Canada
                                    • Grant Geminiuc, IT Executive Consultant
                                    • MODERATOR: 
                                    • Fabiano Rosa, Director, PwC, Canada Advisor

                                    11:35 AM – 12:15 PM
                                    Driving CX Innovation in a Digital World, Using Internal and External Partners

                                    The introduction of advanced analytics, smarter strategies to go out and find new customers, and an increasing emphasis on customer retention have made the CX function a core focus from the board-room all the way to the backoffice. The challenge many companies face is how to align internal and external teams to meet new customer-focused goals, and how to properly inject new innvations to the customer-delivery cycle. 

                                    • Sanja Todorovic Director, BPO Outsourcing and Vendor Management, TELUS
                                    • Wendy Shlensky, Analyst & Advisor Relations, HGS Advisor
                                    • Tae Moon,  Digital Banking - Artificial Intelligence/ChatBot, TD Bank
                                    • MODERATOR:
                                    • Vincent Bérubé Partner, McKinsey & Co.

                                    12:15 PM - 1:20 PM
                                    Networking Lunch

                                    1:20 PM– 1:40 PM
                                    CHATBOT Demo

                                    A leading bank recently commissioned an artificial intelligence firm to build a text-based chatbot solution to service its customers. The solution, just recently deployed, has reduced customer service calls by over 40%. How does the solution work, and what are banks learning from early deployments of Chatbot solutions? We’ll learn from Nearshore Delivery Solutions – the bank's technology partner – in this special demo session.

                                    1:40 PM – 2:15 PM
                                    Greater Toronto Airports Authority: What IT Transformation Really Looks Like

                                    • Martin Boyer, Chief Information Officer & Vice President at The Greater Toronto Airports Authority

                                    2:15 PM – 3 PM
                                    Balancing BPO: How Cost, Geography and Culture Influence Sourcing of Talent

                                    Few will argue with the fact that the worldwide demand for skilled workers in big data, software and digital services, customer care, business analysis and even procurement is constantly forcing companies to reassess their talent acquisition strategies. Hire local or work with a global business process partner? Confine the scope to a domestic search, or consider options in the Americas Nearshore? We will evaluate whether companies are fully informed on these options and what it takes to adapt to the new rules of finding and keeping talent. 

                                    • Eduardo Campos, President and CEO, ScreenIT
                                    • Terry Rybolt, Chief Executive Officer, Teleperformance Canada
                                    • Kirk Laughlin, Managing Director, Sourcing Decisions and Nearshore Americas

                                    3PM – 4PM
                                    Buyer-Driven Inquiry Session (BDIS)

                                    4:00 PM – 5 PM
                                    Sponsors Cocktail Reception

                                    Sourcing Decisions 2018 is designed for individuals with the following key priority areas:

                                    IT Sourcing and Vendor Management
                                    Executive Leaders in Fintech and Digital Innovation
                                    Corporate Customer Experience/ Contact Center Leaders
                                    IT, Software and BPO Service Providers
                                    Global Nearshore and Offshore Investment Representatives

                                    Facts and Figures from Sourcing Decisions 2017

                                    • Over 58% of attendees hold positions corporate sourcing/ procurement. 
                                    • Seven out of ten of the largest companies in Canada attended or were speakers
                                    • Improving outcomes in digital transformation, robotics process automation (RPA), and technology vendor management were major themes
                                    • Keynote speaker: David Watt, Chief Economist HSBC
                                    • Other speaker luminaries included: Linda Tuck Chapman, President, Ontala & CPO Emeritus, William Ramos, Vice President, Finance and Regulatory, Enbridge, Fabiano Rosa, Consultant, PwC Canada, Gabriel WooVice President of Innovation, Royal Bank of Canada, Shannon Burch, Head of Contact Center Sales Engagement, ScotiaBank, Terry Rybolt, CEO, Teleperformance Canada,  Allison SagravesChief Data Oficer, M&T Bank and Christine Werner, VP of Caribbean Operations, Advantage Communications

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